If you come to one of our Outdoor Shows, please keep the following CDC / NY regulations in mind:

Gavin’s Outdoor Show Covid-19 Rules
1. No dancing
2. Do not gather near our Pool Bar or stand near the show area….you must remain 11 feet away from the stage (if an Inn guest…you are free to be by your reserved balconies)
3. Wear a mask if you are walking around the show area and 6 feet from another person (no exceptions)
4. Table seating up to 10 people is allowable and set apart from others.
5. When you get up from your seat, please have your mask on.
6. Enjoy the show! Let’s keep our Outdoor shows open, remain socially distant, and safe!
7. On Friday & Saturday evenings, & Gavinstock Weekend our Outdoor Shows are exclusive to Inn guests to keep our occupancy levels down.  We sincerely apologize. We look forward to seeing big crowds again, but for now we must remain socially distant. It’s safe and New York Law.